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Capri HistoryHistory

Capri Marina GrandeThe port of Marina Grande

Capri La PiazzettaCapri center - La Piazzetta

Capri Via KruppVia Krupp

Capri gardensGardens of Augustus

Capri Marina PiccolaMarina Piccola

Capri FaraglioniFaraglioni

Capri CertosaCertosa di S. Giacomo

Capri Villa MalaparteNatural Arch and Villa Malaparte

Capri Villa JovisVilla Jovis

Capri Villa San MicheleVilla San Michele

Capri Blue GrottoThe Blue Grotto

Capri DamecutaDamecuta

Capri ChurchsThe Churchs

Capri Monte SolaroMonte Solaro

Capri MiglieraMigliera and Faro Punta Carena


Hotels in Capri

About Capri

Between parallels 40°30'40" and 40°30'48" N and meridians 14°11'54" and 14°16'19" E

Volume of the island: 2,242 cubic kilometres - Area Capri: 988 acres; Anacapri: 1572 acres. Total: 2560 acres.

Maximum height: 1,920 feet; average height: 676 feet; length: 3,8 miles.

Maximum width: 1,7 miles, minimum width: 3/4 mile.

Distances in sea miles from: Naples 17; Sorrento 7,7;
Castellammare 13; Amalfi 17,5; Salerno 25; lschia 16; Positano 11.

Distance round the island by road: 10.1/2 miles; by sea: 9 miles.

Climate: temperate, restful, invigorating and stimulating.


Hotels in Capri - 5 stars deluxe

Capri Hotels - Capri Palace

 Capri Hotels Capri Palace

(5 stars deluxe)
Via Capodimonte, 2/b - Anacapri hotels
Located in Anacapri, the most exclusive and unspoiled part of Italy's island of Capri, Hotel Palace stands 300 meters above sea level overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Naples.

Capri Hotels - Grand Hotel Quisisana

 Capri Hotels Grand Hotel Quisisana

(5 stars deluxe)
Via Camerelle, 2 - Capri hotels
The most prestigious luxury hotel of the island, in the heart of Capri, just a few steps from the Piazzetta.

Hotels in Capri - 5 stars

Capri Hotels - Caesar Augustus

 Capri Hotels Caesar Augustus

(5 stars)
Via G.Orlandi, 4 - Anacapri hotels
On a cliff 1000 feet above the sea, it offers one the most spectacular vistas you can find in any European hotel.

Capri Hotels - Casa Morgano

 Capri Hotels Casa Morgano

(5 stars)
Via Tragara, 6 - Capri hotels
The Casa Morgano is the smaller twin of the nearby Scalinatella. The rooms with sea and Charterhouse views, offer guests the highest levels of comfort.

Capri Hotels - La Scalinatella

 Capri Hotels La Scalinatella

(5 stars)
Via Tragara, 8 - Capri hotels
La Scalinatella is a luxury boutique hotel where guests delight in its unique and intimate hospitality.

Capri Hotels - Punta Tragara

 Capri Hotels Punta Tragara

(5 stars)
Via Tragara, 57 - Capri hotels
The Hotel Punta Tragara looks out over a truly breathtaking view. It is distinguished by the bold elegance of its exterior that is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, conceived by the great French architect Le Corbusier.

Hotels in Capri - 4 stars

Capri Hotels - Ambassador Weber

 Capri Hotels Ambassador Weber

(4 stars)
Via Marina Piccola - Capri hotels
The Weber Ambassador Hotel is a four-star luxury hotel, right on the Marina Piccola Beach on the island of Capri.

Capri Hotels - Flora

 Capri Hotels Flora

(4 stars)
Via Federico Serena - Capri hotels
The Hotel Flora is pleased to announce its much awaited re-opening, and its merger with the neighbouring Hotel Semiramis. The two establishments will now operate under the sole name of "Hotel Flora".

Capri Hotels - Hotel Capri

 Capri Hotels Hotel Capri

(4 stars)
Via Roma, 71 - Capri hotels
The hotel is situated in the center of the town near by the famous Piazzetta. This neo-liberty style hotel which has been recently renovated is one of the oldest on the island and offers a delicious, romantic atmosphere.

Capri Hotels - La Palma

 Capri Hotels La Palma

(4 stars)
Via V. Emanuele, 39 - Capri hotels
Since 1882, the Hotel La Palma has been the preferred destination of visitors coming to this Mediterranean pearl from all over the world.

Capri Hotels - Luna

 Capri Hotels Luna

(4 stars)
Viale Matteotti, 3 - Capri hotels
A short stroll from the Piazzetta, in the midst of a splendid garden, suspended between the Heavens and the Earth: Hotel Luna.

Capri Hotels - Mamela

 Capri Hotels Mamela

(4 stars)
Via Campo di Teste, 8 - Capri hotels
Hotel Mamela is in a magnificent location that allows you to stay in the heart of Capri without giving up the peace and privacy of the island.

Capri Hotels - Relais Maresca

 Capri Hotels Relais Maresca

(4 stars)
Via Prov.le Marina Grande - Capri hotels
Not far from the shore of the charming beach of Marina Grande, the Relais Maresca - one of the most ancient structures existing on the island of Capri - has been totally revived, restored and provided with the most modern comforts.

Capri Hotels - Syrene

 Capri Hotels Syrene

(4 stars)
Via Camerelle, 51 - Capri hotels
Located in the center of Capri on Via Camerelle, the shopping street, Syrene Hotel has always been a milestone in Capri's hotel tradition.

Capri Hotels - Villa Brunella

 Capri Hotels Villa Brunella

(4 stars)
Via Tragara, 24 - Capri hotels
Nestled in the heart of a luxurious, flowery garden framing the Faraglioni, the "Villa Brunella" is a small jewel on the island of beauty.

Hotels in Capri - 3 stars

Capri Hotels - Bellavista

 Capri Hotels Bellavista

(3 stars)
Via G.Orlandi, 10 - Anacapri hotels
It is one of the oldest hotels on the island, surrounded by a large garden and located in a very panoramic position over the Bay of Naples.

Capri Hotels - Biancamaria

 Capri Hotels Biancamaria

(3 stars)
Via G.Orlandi, 54 - Anacapri hotels
Centrally located a few yards from Piazza Vittoria in the old town of Anacapri, Hotel Biancamaria provides pleasant accomodation in a friendly environment.

Capri Hotels - Canasta

 Capri Hotels Canasta

(3 stars)
Via Campo di Teste, 6 - Capri hotels
This small "home", open all year round under the management of the owner-family D'Emilio, gives a personalized friendly atmosphere.

Capri Hotels - Carmencita

 Capri Hotels Carmencita

(3 stars)
Via T.De Tommaso, 6 - Anacapri hotels
Carmencita hotel, recently built (porter's lodge)and embellished, is in the center of Anacapri, amid the slopes of M.Solaro (the famous chair-lift) and the Blue Grotto.

Capri Hotels - Casa Caprile

 Capri Hotels Casa Caprile

(3 stars)
Via Follicara, 9 - Anacapri hotels
The hotel in Anacapri with balconies and terraces from which it's possible to enjoy a view of the sea and surrounding park.

Capri Hotels - Gatto Bianco

 Capri Hotels Gatto Bianco

(3 stars)
Via V.Emanuele, 32 - Capri hotels
Imagine a modern and comfortable hotel with the fascinating ambience of times gone by, set amidst a peaceful patio-garden, just a few steps away from the famous "Piazzetta", the Cable-car, the fashionable Via Camerelle.... Welcome to the Gatto Bianco Hotel.

Capri Hotels - Il Girasole

 Capri Hotels Il Girasole

(3 stars)
Via Linciano, 47 - Anacapri hotels
The Girasole overlooks the deep blue sea of the Gulf of Naples and is surrounded by secular olive trees and vineyards.

Capri Hotels - La Floridiana

 Capri Hotels La Floridiana

(3 stars)
Via Campo di Teste, 16 - Capri hotels
Ideal for those who want to relax in a central but quiet position (5 minutes from the famous little square), LA FLORIDIANA is surrounded by greenery and faces south in a marvellous triangle of sky, sea and pine trees.

Capri Hotels - La Minerva

 Capri Hotels La Minerva

(3 stars)
Via Occhio Marino, 8 - Capri hotels
This small hotel located in a central and panoramic area has been recently renovated in a sober and elegant style.

Capri Hotels - Nautilus

 Capri Hotels Nautilus

(3 stars)
Via Marina Piccola, 98 - Capri hotels
It is a special place for people who love to be away from chaos and be in touch with nature. At the same time it is ideally located, not far from the center or from the most famous places of Capri. The proprietors are always available to suggest plenty of opportunities for trekking and excursions.

Capri Hotels - San Michele

 Capri Hotels San Michele

(3 stars)
Via G.Orlandi, 1-3-5 - Anacapri hotels
The Hotel is situated in a large, blooming garden with breathtaking views of the island, the bay of Naples, the Sorrento peninsular and the Amalfi Coast.

Capri Hotels - Senaria

 Capri Hotels Senaria

(3 stars)
Via Follicara, 6 - Anacapri hotels
Small and gracious Hotel albergo in Anacapri's historical center.

Capri Hotels - Villa San Felice

 Capri Hotels Villa San Felice

(3 stars)
Via Li Campi, 13 - Capri hotels
An elegant hotel in the heart of Capri.

Hotels in Capri - 2 stars

Capri Hotels - Belsito

 Capri Hotels Belsito

(2 stars)
Via Matermania, 11 - Capri hotels
The Belsito Hotel, house just built at the end of 1700 and transformed in inn at the beginning of 1900.

Capri Hotels - La Reginella

 Capri Hotels La Reginella

(2 stars)
Via Matermania, 36 - Capri hotels
Situated in the hilly area of Capri with a splendid wiew over Marina Piccola and Monte Solaro, Hotel "La Reginella" offers a simple but refined welcome. Rooms with air conditioning, radio and TV sat. Reading room, garden, solarium.. Upstairs, the restaurant "La Palette" offers regional and international cuisine.

Hotels in Capri - 1 star

Capri Hotels - La Tosca

 Capri Hotels La Tosca

(1 star)
Via D.Birago, 5 - Capri hotels
A quiet and simple atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the owner Ettore, are the characteristics of this small, cozy and completely restructured hotel.

Capri Hotels - Stella Maris

 Capri Hotels Stella Maris

(1 star)
Via Roma, 27 - Capri hotels
A small hotel in the center of Capri open all year.

Historical Residences in Capri

Historical Residences Capri - Villa Le Scale

 Capri Hotels Villa Le Scale

(Historical Residences)
Prestigious early-19th century mansion situated in the town of Anacapri, perched high on the Isle of Capri.

Hotels in Capri - Guest Houses

Capri Hotels - Alla Bussola di Hermes

 Capri Guest Houses Alla Bussola di Hermes

(Guest Houses)
Trav. La Vigna, 14 - Anacapri hotels
Experience the true essence of Anacapri and the warmth of a family atmosphere is Bussola di Hermes.

Capri Hotels - Da Gelsomina Migliera

 Capri Guest Houses Da Gelsomina Migliera

(Guest Houses)
Via Migliara, 72 - Anacapri hotels
Elegantly furnished rooms and a superb swimming pool in the delightful setting of Migliera.

Capri Hotels - Mediterraneo

 Capri Guest Houses Mediterraneo

(Guest Houses)
Via Caposcuro, 12 - Anacapri hotels
The small and comfortable "Mediterraneo", situated in the centre of Anacapri, established and run by the Schettino family, provides its guests with a warm welcome and peaceful and totally relaxing holidays.

Capri Hotels - Mulino

 Capri Guest Houses Mulino

(Guest Houses)
Via La Fabbrica, 9 - Anacapri hotels
Sorrounded by a wonderful garden, this hotel is the right place for a relaxing vacation.

Capri Hotels - Villa Eva

 Capri Guest Houses Villa Eva

(Guest Houses)
Via La Fabbrica, 8 - Anacapri hotels
Surrounded by a thick belt of green vegetation, the cottages, the piano-shaped swimming pool and the family-style welcome all make this spot a paradise.

Capri Hotels - Villa Palomba

 Capri Guest Houses Villa Palomba

(Guest Houses)
Via Mulo, 3 - Capri hotels
In a special location between the Two Gulfs with a view of Mount Solaro.

Hotels in Capri - Bed & Breakfast

Anacapri Hotels - Alle Ginestre

 Capri Bed & BreakfastAlle Ginestre

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Migliera, 53/a - 80071 Anacapri

Capri Hotels - Da Carlo a Veterino

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Da Carlo a Veterino

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Veterino, 9 - Anacapri hotels
A family-run Bed & Breakfast, nestles in the green countryside of Anacapri.

Capri Hotels - Casa Augusto

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Casa Augusto

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Mulo, 25b - Capri hotels
The Bed & Breakfast “Casa Augusto” is situated along a narrow pathway leading to the beaches of Marina Piccola.

Capri Hotels - Il Merlo

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Il Merlo

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Tuoro, 54 - Anacapri hotels
Just a short stroll from the historic center of Anacapri, in a peaceful spot surrounded by green countryside near to the road which leads to the Blue Grotto.

Capri Hotels - Il Tramonto

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Il Tramonto

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Migliera, 30 - Anacapri hotels

Capri Hotels - Monte Solaro

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Monte Solaro

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Monte Solaro, 30 - 80071 Anacapri

Capri Hotels - Maruzzella

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Maruzzella

(Bed & Breakfast)
Via Lo Funno, 15 - Anacapri hotels

Capri Hotels - Tirrenia Roberts

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Tirrenia Roberts

(Bed & Breakfast)
di Costanzo Vuotto - Via Mulo, 27 - Capri hotels
In a green area with a view of the sea at Marina Piccola, this villa has a swimming pool and sauna as well as rooms with bath to rent.

Capri Hotels - Villa Damecuta

 Capri Bed & Breakfast Villa Damecuta

(Bed & Breakfast)
- Anacapri hotels
Villa Damecuta rises in one of the most panoramic and charming places for its beauty in the most particular coast of the island in front of Ischia and Procida

Hotels in Capri - Inns

Capri Hotels - Alle Casette

 Capri Residences Alle Casette

(Holiday Homes)
Localitý Le Boffe - Anacapri hotels
Le Casette (small houses) are placed in the historical centre of Anacapri, not far from the churches of St. Sofia and St. Michele, in ''Le Boffe'' quarter.

Capri Hotels - Villa Helios

 Capri Residences Villa Helios

(Holiday Homes)
Via Croce, 4 - Capri hotels
Villa Helios is a "holiday house" affiliated with the 'C.I.T.S.' Italian Social Tourism Centre and is therefore qualified to host only members of this organisation. Villa Helios is under non-profit management. All profits are entirely transferred in favour of the "Saint Giuseppe" or "Domus Quietis" rest homes.

Hotels in Capri - House rental

Capri Hotels - Caprihouse

 Capri Villas Caprihouse

(House rental)
Via Gradoni Sopramonte, 17 - Capri hotels
Living in an apartment in the center of the town of Capri is undoubtedly the best way to appreciate life on the island. The location of our flat is among the best.

Capri Hotels - Il Cellaio

 Capri Villas Il Cellaio

(House rental)
Localitý Valentino - Capri hotels
The house was built at the beginning of the century and was restructured in the 70's and divided in three apartments. The entrance as through a colonnade typical of the Capri's old houses and also has a garden.

Capri Hotels - Le Terrazze

 Capri Villas Le Terrazze

(House rental)
Localitý Torina - Capri hotels
Elegant villa in Capri

Capri Hotels - The House in the Woods

 Capri Villas The House in the Woods

(House rental)
- Capri hotels
The Villa is located along the same road leading from the port up to Capri's "piazzetta", the fashionable world renowned center.


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